Damiani Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2014: $18 Very Good

Finger Lakes barrel fermented Chardonnay often fails.  The usual problem?  There is not enough ripe fruit to balance the overlay of vanilla and spice from the oak barrels, resulting in hollow and/or unbalanced wines.  The Damiani Wine Cellars "Barrel Fermented” Chardonnay $18 [Very Good] avoids this trap entirely.  Solid fruit flavors match this wine's abundant oaky notes and balance is very good.  Drink this wine with buttery or custardy dishes such as Ham and Cheese Quiche.

Dark lemon yellow in color, the aromas are solid, with scents of baked apple, lemon oil, cream, vanilla and spice.  Medium bodied, dry, soft and silky, with average acidity, the Damiani is well balanced.  Flavors of baked apple, dried pear, lemon oil, vanilla and spice have very good concentration and appeal.  The finish is mildly spicy, balanced, with very good length.  September 2016


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