Osmote Chardonnay 2014 $18 to $21 Very Good

Osmote Wine is a project of Benjamin Riccardi.  Formerly, Riccardi was the associate winemaker at City Winery in NYC.  He now works at Damiani. Riccardi wants to make a different kind of Finger Lakes Chardonnay, and for this we must give thanks.  This wine was whole-cluster pressed and fermented with wild yeasts in double size new oak barrels.  Malolactic fermentation was stopped, which gives this wine a tangy green apple character.  There is a funky note in the aromas that is distracting (possibly offputting to some drinkers), but the wine has a good deal of fruit, an intriguing character, nice balance, and very good length.  It was actually better after being open a day in the fridge.

The Osmote Chardonnay (Seneca Lake, NY) 2014 $18 to $21 [Very Good]  is medium lemon in color.  Sharply defined aromas of green apple, white peach, lemon, butterscotch, brown spice and a funky brett-like note have substance and intrigue.  Medium to full bodied, dry, spicy, with enlivening acidity, balance is very good.  Flaovrs of green apple, melon, white peach and brown spice have very good concentration and focus. Although oak plays a big part here, there is sufficient fruit to match.  The finish is streamlined with very good length.  June 2017  


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014