Standing Stone Chardonnay 2014: $16 Good

The Standing Stone Vineyards Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) $16 [Good] has some authentic Chardonnay aroma/flavor, but is overly tart and out of balance.  It is best to drink this wine with food.

Medium lemon in color, the aromas are light and quite tart, with scents of ripe apple, lemon drop candy, a substantial waxy/creamy component, and hints of earth.  The aromas become earthier and less appealing with aeration.  Light to medium bodied, dry, the Standing Stone is surprisingly tart, out of balance.  Flavors of ripe apple, lemon, and hints of wax and cream are obscured to some extent by a wall of lemony acidity.  The finish is quite tart, even sour, and short.  November 2015


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