Zugibe Chardonnay 2015: $16 Very Good

The Zugibe Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $16 [Very Good] is one of the most successful Chardonnays of the 2015 vintage.  Unlike other Finger Lakes Chardonnay, which  tends to be unoaked or lightly oaked, this wine shows the whole panopoly of oaky influences — brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla and brown spice.  Here  the formula works well, because there is enough fruit for support and balance is very good.  Lovers of oaky California Chardonnay should give this wine a try.

Dark lemon in color, sappy-sweet aromas of ripe apple, lemon, brown sugar, butterscotch, smoke and a hint of mint are quite attractive.  Medium bodied, dry, with tangy acidity, the Zugibe is well balanced.  Flavors of ripe apple, lemon, brown sugar, vanilla, smoke and brown/peppery spice have good concentration.  There is a sweetness to the flavors that comes from the oak influence, rather than from sugar.  The finish is lightly spicy and of-a-piece, with very good length.  Flavors of butterscotch and brown sugar linger.  February 2017.


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014