Red Tail Ridge “Barrel Fermented” Chardonnay 2016: $16 Good+

The Red Tail Ridge “Barrel Fermented” Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $16 [Good+] is a well made wine with apple, pear and butter flavors which are challenged by peppery and earthy notes.  Drink this bottle with dinner, soon, before the fruit retreats further.

Medium lemon in color, light-to-moderate aromas of apple, pear, wax and butter are accented heavily by white pepper and earthy notes.  Full bodied, dry, soft and silky, the RTR has a peppery and alcoholic edge.  Balance is good.  Like many other 2016 Chardonnays, the flavors of apple and pear are diffuse and lack verve, with earthy and peppery notes too much in charge.  Fruit recedes quickly in the finish, replaced by pepper, earth and alcoholic notes, and comes to an abrupt conclusion.  January 2019


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014