Standing Stone Dry Vidal 2014: $14 Good+

The Standing Stone Vineyards Dry Vidal (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $14 [Good+] is a simple, fruity, refreshing wine that is easy enough to drink.  Quaffable is the word.

Bright medium lemon in color, the nose is fresh and fruity, but a bit diffuse, with aromas of pear, apple, melon, coconut and lemon.  Medium bodied, off-dry, with refreshing acidity, balance is good.  Moderately intense flavors of green apple combine with lesser notes of pear and melon.  Although the flavors are simple, they are fairly refreshing, enhanced by a salty undertone.  The finish is tart and refreshing, with notes of fruit cocktail.  Length is average.  October 2015


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014