Goose Watch Aromella 2015: $13 Unrated

Aromella is a grape developed by Cornell University, a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34.  It was first produced commercially by Goose Watch in 2013.  A Cornell University contest that drew hundreds of suggestions named the grape.

Given that Gewürztraminer is part of its genetic makeup (via Traminette), it’s not surprising to find spicy and floral scents in this wine.  But Aromella is quite different.  There is more acidity than in a typical Gewürztraminer.  The aromas and flavors have a distinct orange-y citrus character, which is rarely found either in Traminette or Gewürztraminer in the Finger Lakes.

The Goose Watch Aromella (Finger Lakes, NY) $13 [Unrated] is medium sweet, with intense aromas and flavors of fruit, spice and flowers.  This is no shy wine.  Some drinkers will embrace this wine.  Others will be put off by its power and bluster.

Medium lemon in color, vivid and sharply defined aromas of orange, tangerine, lemon, spice and a floral note are intense and interesting.  With air, the fruit retreats a bit and the wine shows more spice and earthy notes.  Light to medium bodied, medium sweet, with good acidity, balance is good.  Flavors of orange, tangerine, lemon, fruit cocktail, and a strong floral note have substance and power, but are undermined by earthy and bitter notes.  The orange and fruit cocktail flavors are persistent, with good length.  Flavors linger.  February 2017


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