Heron Hill “Save the White Deer” Chardonnay Riesling Blend NV: $16 Fair

Two dollars from the sale of each bottle of this wine are contributed toward an effort to “save” Seneca Lakes’s white deer.  A noble idea, and one doesn’t expect great wine for $14, but shouldn’t the wine be at least “good”?  I cannot recommend this Heron Hill “Save the White Deer” Chardonnay Riesling Blend (Finger Lakes, NY) NV $16 [Fair].  It is overly sweet and unbalanced.  If you are concerned about the deer, and want to help, do make a contribution to the Seneca White Deer not-for-profit organization.  But buy a different bottle of wine.

Pale lemon in color, the aromas are initially mineral and seltzer-y but turn sweetly floral with air, with low-intensity ripe apple, lemon oil and mineral notes.  Medium bodied, sweet, with peppery acidity, balance is fair.  Flavors of sweet apple, lemon oil, minor waxy notes, and chalky/seltzery mineral are cloying and not well balanced.  The finish is overly sweet, unbalanced, with average length.  June 2016


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014