Barry Family Cellars Pinot Gris 2016: $16 Good+

Most Pinot Gris produced in the Finger Lakes is dry or medium dry.  This wine is sweet.  The Barry Family Cellars Pinot Gris (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $16 [Good+] is a well made wine, with solid flavors of ripe apple, melon, pear and ginger.  With low acidity and ample sugar, it is recommended only for those with sweet tooths.  Other drinkers may find it cloying after a glass or two.  Sip it, or drink it with snacks.

Light  to medium straw in color, the BFC has moderately intesnse aromas of ripe apple, melon, pear and ginger, with hints of mineral and wet wool.  Full bodied, medium sweet, with a bit of spritz, balance is good.  Solid flavors of pear, golden delicious apple and ginger are slightly accented by mineral and wet wool.  The finish is mildly spicy, lightly bitter, of a piece, with good length.  March 2018


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