Dr. Konstantin Frank Pinot Gris 2016: $20 Good+

The Dr. Konstantin Frank Pinot Gris (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $20 [Good+] does not lack flavor, but awkward balance and wooly/earthy notes hold the wine back.  Sip this wine with snacks or drink it with citrus-y and lightly spicy dishes containing cumin or coriander, such as Fish Tacos.

Very pale pink-tinged lemon in color, sharp and tangy aromas of pineapple, fruit cocktail, and kiwi are accented by notes of wax and wet wool.  Medium bodied, dry to medium dry, a bit chalky, with abundant acidity, balance is somewhat awkward.  Sharp flavors of pineapple, fruit cocktail pineapple, lime and tart apricot are imbued with a notable earthy/mineral element.  The finish is awkward — tart-edged, slightly bitter, with a small smack of the lips and average length.  February 2017


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014