Lakewood “Gigliotti Vineyard” Pinot Gris 2016: $15 Good+

The Lakewood Vineyards “Gigliotti Vineyard” Pinot Gris (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $15 [Good+] is a well made wine and a good value.  Dry, with light to medium intense flavors of pear and almond, this wine is best with mild foods.

Medium pink-hued lemon in color, the aromas are light and diffuse, with notes of pear, almond, gooseberry, and earth.  Full bodied, dry, with a little spritz to add liveliness, balance is good.  Light to medium intense flavors of pear, almond, gooseberry, earth, and a touch of bitterness are pure enough but make a modest impression.  With a bit more intensity, this wine would be “very good.”  The finish is balanced, slightly bitter, with a rather neutral character.  Length is good.  November 2017


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014