Sheldrake Point Pinot Gris 2015: $16 Very Good

The Sheldrake Point Pinot Gris (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $16 [Very Good] vies with the Mazza Chautauqua for the best Pinot Gris of 2015 (to date).  A bit less rich than the Mazza, it is better balanced, and thus wins the top spot.  Easy drinking, full-flavored, and very well balanced, this is a wine to sip or pair with food.  It should work with many types of dishes, from Chicken Caesar Salad to mildly spicy stir-frys.

Medium lemon in color, the Sheldrake has a distinct pink cast.  Medium intense aromas of waxy stone fruit, lemon, toasted nuts, and machine shop scents are quite attractive, with some complexity.  Medum bodied, off-dry, alcoholic, with a soft and gentle mouth feel, there is some spritz-y acidity for lift.  Balance is very good.  Flavors of stone fruit (white peach, apricot), lemon, nuts, pepper, and chalky/earthy notes are well concentrated and focused.  The finish is balanced, slightly spritz-y, with very good length.  July 2016


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