Eminence Road “Morehouse Road Vineyard” Cabernet Franc 2013: $25 Very Good

The Eminence Road Farm Winery “Morehouse Road Vineyard” Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes, NY) $25 [Very Good] is a soft (yet lively) easy-drinking wine with a good deal of flavor and some complexity.  It goes down easily.  Eminence Road is a “natural” winery, and some of its wines can be very funky, but this bottle is not.  I believe it is the best wine I have ever had from Eminence Road.  Drink it over the next year or so for its appealing freshness.

Bright medium ruby in color, the nose is fairly complex, with notes of green bell pepper, tar, tea, licorice, smoky mineral, peppery spice and fresh raspberry fruit.  Medium bodied, quite soft, a bit satiny, grippy/gritty tannin fades quickly with air.  Solid flavors of raspberry are accented by dark chocolate, spice, tea, green bell, and an interesting smoky/stony note.  The finish is of-a-piece, with very good length.  Smoky/stony and raspberry notes linger.  September 2015

Note:  The grapes for this wine were grown by Bloomer Creek.  Whole clusters (not destemmed) were foot-crushed and fermented in five to six year old oak barrels. 


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014