Lamoreaux Landing “T23” Cabernet Franc 2014: $16 Good+ to Very Good

The Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars “T23” Unoaked Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes, NY) $16 [Good+ to Very Good] is the most Beaujolais-like T23 I have tasted, and the best T23 of the past three years, with relatively little of the tea, dried leaf, bell pepper and pepper notes usually found in Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc.  Although not particularly complex, this wine is brimming with delicious fruit.  It is extremely quaffable and wears well over the course of a meal.  If you love Beaujolais, this is the Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc for you.

Light ruby in color, the nose is tart, sappy and fresh, with good red fruit, smoky mineral notes and hints of molasses.  Medium bodied, with a light & round mouth feel and a jot of gritty tannin, balance is good.  Solid flavors of candied cherry and raspberry are lightly accented by smoky mineral and tea-like notes.  There is some light gritty tannin and an acid tang in the good lively finish.  October 2015


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