Eminence Road “Elizabeth’s Vineyard” Cabernet Franc 2015: $20 Very Good

The Eminence Road “Elizabeth’s Vineyard” Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $20 [Very Good] is not svelte and effusively fruity like so many other 2015 Cabernet Franc wines, but it does have its own charm, in particular an interesting set of aromas.  As usual with Eminence Farm reds, there is a good deal of horse barn in the nose and flavors, a plus for equestrians but perhaps not for all drinkers.

Dark ruby violet in color, the aromas have a liqueur-like quality, with scents of raspberry, black currant, barnyard, and fleeting hints of licorice, cinnamon and mint.  Medium bodied, soft, with medium intense grippy tannins, balance is good.  The tannins become notably softer and rounder with air.  Earthy and chunky flavors of raspberry, black currant, cocoa, and horse barn are underscored by a fairly strong saline streak and have very good intensity.  The finish is a bit rustic and gritty with very good length.  June 2017


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