Bellwether Red Table Wine 2015: $21 Poor to Fair

The Bellwether Wine Cellars Red Table Wine (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $21 [Poor to Fair] is a blend of Pinot Noir and Blaufränkisch.  Given the wine’s various faults, it is obvious this is a “natural” wine.  Exactly why a winery would market a wine like this (or a consumer would want to drink a wine like this) is beyond me.  I hate to see “natural” becoming an epithet, but it does seem to happening in the Finger Lakes.

Light ruby-tan in color, this wine resembles rosé.  It is slightly cloudy.  Sharp and piercing notes of finger nail polish, sour acetic acid, tart red fruit, and a woodsy/earthy note are not pleasing.  Medium bodied, with very light tannin, acidity is high, with a strong sour (acetic acid) component.  Flavors of tart cherry and earthy/woodsy notes are undone by finger nail polish notes, as well as sourness and bitterness.  The finish is more of the same, ending on a very sour and bitter note.  January 2018


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