Goose Watch Noiret 2015: $15 Unrated

Generally speaking, loads of flavor in a wine is a good thing, but the Goose Watch Noiret (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015: $15 [Unrated] may be an exception to the rule.  Full of blackberry fruit, with noticeable sweetness, drinking this wine is a bit like eating directly from a jam pot.  Try this wine if you’re curious about Noiret, a hybrid grape developed by Cornell.

Dark violet-tinged ruby in color, effusive aromas of blackberries, flowers, licorice and dusty earth leap from the glass.  Medium bodied, medium dry (that is, noticeably sweet for a red), the mouth feel is simultaneously satiny and gritty.  Balance is good.  The GW has flavors of candied blackberries, dusty earth, meaty/mushroom notes, and that distinctly sour quality that is sometimes present in wines made from hybrid grapes.  Some tasters will be impressed, many others will find these flavors over the top.  The finish turns quite sour, ending with a dab of tobacco and blackberry jam.  February 2017.


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014