William Vigne Zweigelt 2015: $18 Good to Good+

The William Vigne Zweigelt (Fulkerson Winery, Seneca Lake, NY) $18 [Good to Good+] is a bit funky and did not show especially well on day 1, but improved overnight in the fridge.  Dark colored, with chunky black cherry fruit, this seems like a basic pizza/burger wine, but might provide a surprise if put away for a year or so in the cellar.

Dark ruby in color,  the WV has  warm aromas of black cherry, black berries, chocolate, green stems, lacquer and hints of volatile acidity and ethyl acetate (finger nail polish).  Open a day, ripe/overripe scents of prunes appear.  Medium bodied, soft and chunky, with average acidity and gritty tannin, balance is OK.  Simple dense flavors of black cherry, black berries, chocolate and hints of green stems have moderate intensity.  The flavors are cut short by a gritty finish.  Given some cellar time and softening of these tannins, this wine might show better.  October 2016


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