Bellwether “Sawmill Creek” Pinot Noir 2015: $35 Good to Good+

The Bellwether Wine Cellars “Sawmill Creek Vineyard” Pinot Noir 2015 $35 [Good to Good+] is a satiny round wine with minimal tannin, modestly intense flavor, and a touch of the funk that bedevils Bellwether’s Red Table Wine.  At this price it is hardly a compelling value.

Very light orange/brick in color, this wine might be mistaken for sherry.  Aromas of strawberry, cherry, orange marmalade, woodsy notes and a touch of finger nail polish are medium intense.  Medium bodied, with a round and full mouth feel, there is minimal tannin.  Balance is good.  Flavors of strawberry, cherry, orange marmelade, woodsy notes, earth and hints of finger nail polish possess modest intensity and appeal.  The finish is of-a-piece, lightly bitter, with good length.  January 2018


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