Heart & Hands Pinot Noir 2016: $22 Unrated

The Heart & Hands Wine Company Pinot Noir (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $22 [Unrated] shows some very ripe, lush, attractive strawberry/cherry fruit.  At the same time, the wine was also clumsy and tannic, with hints of ethyl acetate (finger nail polish smell) in the aromas.  After a day in the fridge, the H&H seemed to come together but was much more tannic.  If you’re an H&H Pinot Noir fan, and willing to gamble, buy this wine and put it away for a few years.  Now is not the time to imbibe.

Light ruby/brick in color, the aromas are initially rather exotic, with strong strawberry and cherry fruit, orange jellies, dried mushroom, butterscotch, brown spice and a hint of finger nail polish.  With some air, this exoticism fades.  Medium to full bodied, plump, with light gritty tannin, the wine’s elements don’t cohere.  Balance is awkward.  Juicy ripe flavors of strawberry and cherry are accented by dried mushroom, spice, oaky notes and butterscotch.  The finish turns grittier and more tannic, with buttery and oaky notes too prominent, and balance very awkward.  December 2017


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014