Boundary Breaks “Extra Dry” Riesling 2016: $13 Good to Good+

This is the first Boundary Breaks Riesling that can be described as “dry”.  While the Boundary Breaks Vineyard “Extra Dry” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $13 [Good to Good+] shows hints of honeyed richness in the aromas, the flavors are very modestly concentrated and the finish is short.  Perhaps a couple of years of age will help this wine develop greater substance.  Drink the Boundary Breaks with very light intensity foods.

The color is light straw, with a marked taupe cast.  It is a very unusual shade for Riesling.  Light aromas of lemon, lime, apple, anise and earth show just a bit of honeyed richness, hinting at a more satisfying nose.  Light to medium bodied, quite dry, with high acidity and a bit of chalky tannin, balance is good.  Pure flavors of lemon, lime, apple, anise, and earthy loam have modest intensity and a very tight/reserved quality.  The finish is lean, unyielding, and on the short side.  March 2018


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014