Lamoreaux Landing “Yellow Dog Vineyard” Riesling 2016: $24 Good+

The Lamoreaux Landing “Yellow Dog Vineyard” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $24 [Good+] is a high-acid, mineral, austere Riesling.  A significant tannic element (rare in white wines) adds to the bottle's standoffish personality.  Some time in the cellar might yield a friendlier and more persuasive wine.

Light straw in color, the aromas are lean and austere, with light scents of lemon/lime, nectarine and mineral.  Light to medium bodied, off dry (but will taste “dry” to most drinkers), notably tannic, with high acidity, balance is good.  Flavors of lemon/lime, nectarine, hints of mango, and a pronounced chalky mineral note are not very forthcoming — they must be coaxed out.  The finish is quite tart but balanced, with good length.  October 2016


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