Buttonwood Grove Dry Riesling 2015: $16 Fair

The Buttonwood Grove Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $16 [Fair] is a very tough and tart dry Riesling, with bitter and earthy/weedy notes that do not enhance its appeal.  This wine is no sipper.  It must be consumed with cheese or rich foods.

Medium lemon yellow in color, the aromas are tough and tart, with scents of lime, lemon oil, apple, lots of citrus zest, and a grassy/earthy note.  The aromas are rustic and somewhat oxidized.  Medium bodied, dry, with very high acidity, balance is fair.  Very tart and tough flavors of lemon oil, citrus zest, green apple, and a bit of peach are accented by a pronounced earthy/weedy note.  The very high acidity and this earthy/weedy note make enjoyment difficult.  The finish is very tart (nearly sour) and spicy.  Grassy, earthy and bitter notes linger.  January 2017


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