Silver Thread “Doyle Fournier” Riesling 2015: $26 Very Good

The Silver Thread “Doyle Fournier” Riesling (Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes, NY) 2015: $26 [Very Good] is the richest and most unctuous of Silver Thread’s 2015 single vineyard wines, with an emphasis on honeyed fruit.  Nearly sweet, it was not easy to put this wine in the “dry and medium dry category.”  Just as easily, it could have been placed in the “sweet” category.  Soft and relatively sugary, it is a better sipper than with food.

Medium lemon in color, the medium intense aromas feature scents of creamy lemon, ripe grapefruit, peach, honey, and a hint of volatile acidity.  Medium bodied, medium dry to sweet, soft and silky, balance is good.  Mellow flavors of peach, ripe grapefruit, lemon, honey and light soil notes have good concentration.  The finish is of-a-piece, with a mini-burst of peach flavor, a light smack of the lips, and good length.  October 2016


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014