Anthony Road “Skin Ferment” Riesling 2014: $27 Very Good

The Anthony Road “Skin Ferment” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $27 [Very Good] is a somewhat unusual wine.  There are green scents that suggest marigold leaves, and some fine mouthpuckering tannin.  Different as this Riesling is, I don’t think most wine drinkers will find it spooky or off-putting, although some may think it too green, austere, not exactly likable.  Clean and well made, with solid flavors and good balance, the AR “skin ferment” is an interesting wine, but not for everyone.

Bright dark lemon in color, aromas of orange-y citrus, citrus zest, crushed marigold leaves, dusty stones and whispers of smoke are interesting.  Medium bodied, off-dy to medium dry, there is a fair amount of fine mouthpuckering tannin.  Balance is good.  Clean flavors of apple, lemon oil and orange-y citrus are accented by slightly bitter citrus zest, marigold leaves and dusty stones.  The flavors are not especially intense, but very good balance makes up for this wine’s lack of power.  The finish is firm, lightly tannic, well-balanced, with good length.  October 2015


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014