Eminence Road Seneca Lake Riesling 2014: $20 Good+

Eminence Road apparently intended to make a pétillant-naturel sparkling wine, since this wine is in a heavy bottle and closed with a crown cap.  But the winery’s plans went awry.  Yes, there is some yeasty sediment on the bottom of the bottle, but just the barest hint of spritz exists in the wine.  No real bubbles could be found.  No Pet-Nat, what we have here is a Pet-Not.

The Eminence Road Seneca Lake Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $20 [Good+] is medium gold in color and cloudy.  Very yeasty aromas of apple cider, honey and barnyard are rather interesting and appealing.  Light bodied, dry, with the barest hint of spritz (and none after a few minutes of air), there is lots of tart/sour acidity.  The wine has a flat & hard mouthfeel.  Flavors of apple, lemon, yeast, barnyard and a slight cheesy note are underlined by a minor saline streak.  There is a certain toughness to the flavors and a slightly oxydized character.  The finish is tart with average length.  Yeast and barnyard notes linger.  March 2016

Note:  With its funky yeast & barnyard aromas and flavors, this wine is for natural wine lovers or the adventurous.  The wine shop where this was purchased really should have had some kind of disclaimer on the shelf.  Buyers would certainly expect bubbles.


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014