Forge “Sawmill Creek” Riesling 2014: $23 Very Good

The Forge Cellars “Sawmill Creek” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) $23 [Very Good] is a buttery and rich Riesling that shows some overt oaky/woody notes and is not especially well balanced.  Even so, it is very flavorful and one might hope for improvement with some bottle age.  Gamblers might stash a bottle in the cellar to see how it ages.

Medium lemon in color, the Sawmill Creek has forthright aromas of peach, lemon oil, butterscotch, citrus zest and some overtly woody notes.  As it airs “wooly” mineral notes come into play too.  Medium bodied, dry, with high acidity and a bit of tannic grip, balance is OK.  Flavors of peach, butter, spice, citrus and an overtly oaky/woody note have concentration but the oak sticks out and detracts.  The finish turns more tart, lip smacking, a bit grippy, with good length, if not particularly good balance.  February 2016


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014