Hermann J. Wiemer “HJW” Riesling 2014: $39 Very Good

There have been some wonderful “HJW Vineyard” Rieslings over the years, but right now I’m not convinced the Hermann J. Wiemer “HJW Vineyard” Riesling 2014 $39 [Very Good] will join this crowd.  Well made, certainly flavorful, this year’s model is reserved, with strong mineral influences and notable spice.  Tasted over a three-day period, it just doesn’t seem to have the intensity and length of the 2012 and 2013 wines.  Time will tell if it improves.  Given the price, it is recommended only for collectors of this wine.

The aromas of the HJW have a substantial mineral component, with a smokiness to start and more of a wet wool character after the wine has been open a day.  In addition, there are moderately intense scents of pear, fruit cocktail, honey and lemon.  It is a rather somber set of aromas.  Medium bodied, off-dry, with a slightly viscous mouth feel, the HJW is lightly spicy.  Acidity is good, but this wine has none of the raceiness of so many other 2014 Rieslings.  Reserved flavors of ripe apple, white peach, tropical fruit, anise, spice and a smoky mineral (wet wool) component have good concentration.  The finish is broad, lightly spicy, with good length.  January 2016



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