Inspire Moore “Joy” Dry Riesling 2014: $12 Good

The Inspire Moore “Joy” Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) $12 [Good] gets off to a poor start.  There is quite a bit of spritz in this wine, and the bubbles tickle the nose — not in a pleasant way.  With time some of the fizz dissipates and the wine is more drinkable.  You might want to wait a few months to drink this one.  If that’s not possible, decant it for several hours.

The Joy is light lemon in color with a lots of visible bubbles.  Acid and seltzer-y notes dominate the nose with some rather vague lime,  apple and stone fruit below.  The aromas are fresher and clearer after a night in the fridge.  Medium bodied, off-dry and round, the Joy has a wasabi-like effect on the nostrils at first, but the nose-tickling abates with air.  Flavors of lime, apple, mango and seltzer-y mineral become clearer as the wine airs and have modest intensity.  The finish is clear but on the short side.  July 2015


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014