Lafayette Reneau Dry Riesling 2014: $15 Good+ to Very Good

The Chateau Lafayette Reneau Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $15 [Good+ to Very Good] is an unusual bottle of Riesling, coupling distinctive flavors and a soft mouth feel with spritz and pepper notes.  With .9% residual sugar, it is medium dry.

Light lemon in color, the CLR has aromas of sweet pink grapefruit, apples, melon, honey, a touch of citrus.  Some earthy notes stick out a bit.  Light to medium bodied and medium dry, some peppery spritz is a counterpoint to the wine’s softness.  It manages to keep this Riesling lively.  Full flavors of pink grapefruit, ripe apple, mango, citrus, honeycomb, pepper, smoke and a strong earthy note are interesting, rather unusual, and have a “soapy/floral” quality.  Fruit fades in the good finish, with peppery and earthy notes ascendant.  July 2015

LafayetteReneauDryRiesling2014 copy

© Douglas Hillstrom 2014