Long Point Dry Riesling 2014: $14 Fair

What did the makers of the Long Point Dry Riesling (New York) 2014 $14 [Fair] do?  Was a bucket of acid inadvertently dumped into the tank?  There is some good fruit in this wine, but it is harshly acidic, negating any pleasure in the flavors.  This bottle is labelled “New York” but the web site indicates the grapes came from the winery’s estate vineyards on Cayuga Lake.

Light lemon in color, light aromas of smoky mineral are most apparent, with hints of white peach, lime and citrus zest.  The nose is not very attractive.  Medium bodied and off-dry, there is far too much acidity.  The Long Point is out of balance.  Flavors of smoke, roasted nuts, mango, apple and citrus make a decent first impression but are then overwhelmed by harsh acidity.  The finish is extremely tart and unpleasant —  the fruit is nearly obliterated. Food is a must with this wine.  July 2015


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014