Ravines “Jeff’s Field” Dry Riesling 2014: $23 Very Good

There aren’t too many Finger Lakes dry Rieslings I would describe as “sippers,” but the Ravines “Jeff’s Field” Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $23 [Very Good] may fit the category.  This wine’s supple mouth feel and savory flavors are a pleasure to sip and contemplate.  Not a big-flavored wine, it should be served with lighter foods.

Medium lemon in color, the aromas are medium intense, with scents of citrus zest, grapefruit, apple, pine needles and smoky/stony notes.  It has a very engaging nose.  Medium bodied, dry, with plenty of acidity, the “Jeff’s Field” has a round supple mouth feel, with no hard edges.  Balance is very good.  Moderately intense flavors are dominated by citrus zest, pine needles, and smoky/chalky notes with a modicum of apple and grapefruit.  The finish is balanced, moderately intense, ending with a smack of the lips and some slow-burning spice.  June 2016

Note:  For many years Ravines has purchased grapes from Jeff Smith, the owner/vineyard manager of Serenity Vineyards.  Smith passed away during the 2014 harvest, and this wine (from his grapes) is a tribute.  According to Morten Halgren (owner, Ravines), Smith was a good friend and excellent vineyard manager, "a guy tough as nails on the outside and warm and soft on the inside."


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014