Red Tail Ridge Dry Riesling 2014: $19 Very Good

The man at the raucous party is surrounded by a crowd.  He seems fairly ordinary and has no zingy one-liners in his repertoire.  You can’t figure out why he has such a following.  Yet, after some consideration, you note that he is very easy to talk to and has a gentle charisma.  His substantive talk and cool moderation are very appealing, especially in the noisy party room.  The Red Tail Ridge Dry Riesling (Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $19 [Very Good] is that man.

This wine is not flashy nor overly distinctive.  But it is solid, well-balanced, with very good flavor.  It wears very well.  It can be sipped or paired with food.

Bright medium lemon in color, the RTR has solid aromas of lime, apple, pear, pine needles and a touch of mineral/soil.  Medium bodied, off-dry, slightly chalky, acidity and balance are very good.  Substantive flavors of ripe apple, white peach, lime, pine needles, a touch of honey and an appealing mineral note show a good deal of restraint.  The finish is of a piece, flavorful, well-balanced, restrained, with very good length.  This is a solid, sensible and appealing wine.  August 2015


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014