Boundary Breaks Ice Wine 2014: $52 Very Good to Very Good+

The Boundary Breaks Vineyard Riesling Ice Wine (Finger Lakes, NY) 375 ML $43 to $52 [Very Good to Very Good+] is a tasty, polite, streamlined wine.  Certainly very sippable and enjoyable, it does not have the depth and complexity one looks for in these very expensive wines — not yet, anyway.  The flavors and finish show some restraint, even after being open several days in the fridge.  Gamblers (with deep pockets) might want to put a bottle away for a few years to see if it evolves into something special.

Medium to dark lemon in color, there are tart airy aromas of peach, lemon oil, lime, honey, and lacquer, with a slight acetic acid note.  Light bodied, very sweet, more satiny than unctuous in character, there is a good deal of acidity.  Balance is good.  Mouthwatering flavors of peach, mandarin orange, lime, and honey have a chalky/loamy mineral undertone.  The finish is restrained and slightly awkward, with good length.  January 2016


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