Casa Larga “Wild Ferment” Riesling 2014: $25 Good

The Casa Larga “Wild Ferment” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) $25 [Good] was fermented with “wild” yeasts.  There is a good deal of disagreement among wine experts whether ambient yeasts are really wild, or simply fugitives from previous (non-spontaneous) winery fermentations.  In any case, this wine is good, but not especially complex or intense.

The Wild Ferment is very pale, almost colorless.  The nose shows lots of mineral acidity, dusty/stony notes, and hints of anise, lime and stone fruit.  There is a raw quality to the nose, and the aromas are not especially attractive.  Light to medium bodied, medium sweet (label indicates medium dry, but a test of residual sugar and my evaluation say otherwise), with peppy acidity, balance is OK.  Flavors of lime, gooseberry, white peach and anise are heavily accented by stony notes and given a mouth-watering character by a saline streak.  The flavors show better than the aromas.  There is some intensity but not much harmony.  Flavors fade quickly in the average length finish.  February 2016


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