Hermann J. Wiemer “Josef” Riesling 2014: $39 Good+

The Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard “Josef Vineyard” Riesling (Seneca Lake, NY) 2014 $39 [Good+] is a soft, mellow, very sweet Riesling with gentle flavors of apple and honey.  While pure fruited and well-made, this wine is by no means intense and the finish is short.  More flavor and complexity is expected given this wine’s hefty price tag.

Bright medium to dark lemon, aromas of apple, honey, lime and chalky soil notes are fresh but rather diffuse.  Light bodied, soft, very sweet (6.2% residual sugar) with low acidity, more structure and lift would be helpful.  Flavors of ripe melon, apple, honey, lime and chalky mineral are not particularly intense, and rely mainly on a honeyed sweetness.  The finish is surprsingly short and flavors do not linger.  December 2015


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