Randolph O’Neill Riesling 2014: $23 Good

Randolph O’Neill is the newest winery in the Finger Lakes.  In the past, the grapes were sold to Silver Thread Winery for a Riesling with this vineyard name.

The Randolph O’Neill Vineyard Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2014 $23 [Good] is a soft sweet wine with somewhat diffuse aromas and flavors.  Some muddiness and bitterness undercut its appeal.

Pale lemon in color, aromas of fruit cocktail, pear, lees and honey are slashed by a metallic/earthy note, which reduces the attractiveness of the nose.  Light to medium bodied, sweet and soft, there is a little bit of acidity to keep this wine from losing its shape.  Balance is somewhat awkward.  Sweet soft flavors of fruit cocktail, baked pear, citrus and a touch of honey contrast with an earthy metallic edge and a jot of bitterness.  The finish is firm, almost tannic, with a little tang.  It is on the short side.  September 2015


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